The Calling

Ayahuasca shifted my perspective. She taught me how to listen to my inner voice, finding my true self, love myself, love others, be companioned, be open heated, empathic.

The medicine healed me - my soul, my body, my mind.

Love is the cure for everything. Forgiveness and letting go is the key for happiness. If everything we do is out of love, no harm will happen anymore. Not to ourselves, not to the people we love, and not to anyone else.


Lotus Vine Journeys

The founder Spring Washam is such an amazing spirit and I knew that if I want to feel all the love and support I should go to Lotus Vines Journeys….

Being in the Amazonian nature, connecting to our planet, to the earth, the sun and the moon. Connecting to all kinds of animals and realize that we are all one entity - all the beings. We all come from the same place and deserve to be happy in our journey here that called LIFE.

The medicine, that is coming from plants that grow is this world, only connecting us to what we already know - our true nature.

I always appreciated Mother Nature, but today I know how powerful she is and how important is to keep her ALIVE !  She can survive without us, but we can't survive without her.

The Ceremonies

Tree of Life

Ayahuasca reminded me what is my gift in this life time - my art. I asked her to show me my purpose and she showed me that I need to create in order to shift the collective conciseness, in order to heal others and spread the light to our beautiful world!


Flower Bath

Being in Nature

I will follow my heart.

I will follow the light.

I will follow the truth.

I will follow compassion.

I will follow peace.

I will follow self love.

I will follow gratitude.

Let's plant seeds of love, courage and wisdom.

For the benefit of all beings.