Why I love making Light Installations


I create powerful and accessible installations in which I combine the surroundings with the natural world. Elements of fantasy, loss of sense of time, and disconnecting from the "real" world are substantial continuum in my work. Defining reality as an experience by bringing the viewer back to the present moment. The fantasy about an environment that is established on possibilities for unseen interactions with the visible world, by stimulating all senses and forget about the familiar environment. I create a space to obtain an inner space.

I found my spirituality in nature and create art through this deep connection. My inspiration is also drawn from science, philosophy, the psychedelic and the spiritual worlds, from eastern traditions like Zen Buddhism.Questions about our human existence in the universe lead me to embrace the impact of nature on us and explore different patterns, looking for order inside the chaos through forms and shapes. Inspired by the beauty of nature I found Sacred Geometry, and I use this aesthetic in my art works.

The atmosphere of the installations is intensified by spatial interventions and interaction between light projection, sound and unconventional materials. Light is the source of my installations, as light is the source of life and of any energy in the universe. The reflections, which created by projecting on reflective materials, symbolize to me a self-expression and an infinite exploration of self-awareness. By using video-mapping projection, the body of the viewer is surrounded by fields of light and spirals of energy. Using sound of a Tibetan singing bowl, transform the space into a divine zone, almost meditating.

With our limited senses, we are observing only the outer. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that is actually everywhere. My personal moments of an enlightenment are the essence for my installations. I’m pursuing to evoke an individual conscious experience. By that, bringing the viewer to a moment of awe and mindfulness. I ask you to focus on your own experience of your existence. Ask yourself how do you perceive the world?