Expand is an installation about an infinite journey.

Sometimes we put ourselves through unnecessary pain because of the way society works. We live in a race against time, that we, humans, created and we put our attention on how to make ourselves happy with the external. 

We are the center of our own existence. Our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions, they all affect how life will treat us. Our perception of the world is the essence of our journey of self-discovery.

I find my own ways to practice meditation through my art and one of them is being present in front of the camera. In this piece, There are 8 images, which symbolized infinity. I start with focusing on my breathing. These images are a time-lapse of one breathing and each image is a different stage of this one breath. From holding my breath to let it all go; The more I breath, the more I expand my consciousness and reach to a mindful state of mind. Finding my balance in daily life, reveals my own truth as human being in this world. I discover it piece by piece, breath by breath, as I make my way to the truth with intuitive knowledge. I ask you to not look for external answers, but to find them within you.