Lux Therapy represents a different state of mind, a question, a thought, a feeling, a moment of awe.

When the body surrounded by fields of light, spirals of energy transform the spirit to an internal dimension. Bring your awareness.

"I feel, therefore I am."

How Does Its Work?

Defining reality as an experience by bringing the viewer back to the present moment. Combining the surroundings with elements of fantasy, loss of sense of time, and disconnecting from the "real" world. The fantasy about an environment that is established on possibilities for unseen interactions with the visible world, by stimulating all senses and forget about the familiar environment. A creation of a space to obtain an inner space.


Lux Therapy is a light installation which transform the space and explore light, vision and movement. Heightening the viewer's perceptual awareness and encouraging self-reflection. Art as a meditative process - help to take a better care of my mind, body and soul.