Idit Nissenbaum (b. 1990) was born and raised in Israel. She holds a BFA in Photography & Video from School of Visual Arts where she received the Chairman’s Merit Award, and has also studied photography at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. 

Idit Nissenbaum demonstrates self-portraits’ techniques and tips for using the camera as a healing tool to look inside, at the soul. She has developed an immensely rich, colorful and curious practice at the intersection of aesthetic, science and spirituality. Her light installations transform the space and explore light, vision and movement, Heightening the viewer's perceptual awareness and encouraging self-reflection.

Nissenbaum’s mission is to be in service to awaken peace for humanity through visual art, sound, healing, education, and to reconnect people to sacred wisdom traditions and indigenous knowledge.

Nissenbaum had several solo exhibitions in NYC and Israel, and was selected for the competitive Mentors program where she worked closely with artist Adam Fuss. Her editorial photography has been published in The Cut for New York Magazine, and she is the recipient of multiple awards including the Alumni Scholarship Award at SVA and The Con Artist Residency.


There is a voice…

A voice within me that hasn’t been heard yet.

Every day I ask myself what is the reason for being here in this world as humans. And I find the answers for my question in nature. The beauty of nature and everything about it is so inspiring. I love and appreciate Mother Earth. I devote myself to awaken all of us, each and every soul in this present moment.


Art is the language of my soul.

Art is my platform to wander and ask questions.


My life became a pursue of a collective spiritual growth. I do photography, film, video-art, light installations with sound healing and sacred spaces. Art as a meditative process - help to take a better care of my mind, body and soul. It allowed me to acknowledge my desire of become a better artist, while continue to value the journey over the destination. As a spiritual practice - to let go, to surrender, become more patient and tolerant and compassionate.


Find more of me here: 
Instagram: @iditinis
Facebook: /IditNissenbaum
Youtube: /IditNissenbaum

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