Solo Exhibitions

2018                 ״Ex Nihilo״, Omer Tiroche Gallery, Israel 

2017                 ״Rooted״, Kuli Gallery, Israel 

2016                 ״Higher Realms״, Audiovisual Installation, NY

2015                 ״Within״, SVA gallery,  NY


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017                Present | Simple,  Rishon Lezion, Israel

                       Spring Residency Showcase, Con Artist Collective, NY

2016               “Toothache”, SVA Gramercy Gallery, NY

                        Chinese National Art Student Exhibition, Beijing

                        Banyan Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015                "Mentors", SVA Chelsea Gallery, NY


Light Installations

2017                “In-lightenment”, Brooklyn, NY

                        “Inneractive”, Mexico

2016                “The Divine Light”, I Feel Infinite Reflections, Brooklyn, NY


Video Collabortions

2017                "Rise With It", Benny Oyama, NY

                        "Cutting The Roots", Kova By Sascha, NY

                        "The Mirror", Vajra, NY


2017                Spring Residency program at Con Artist Collective

2016                The Alumni Scholarship Award by SVA Alumni Society Inc

2015                Chairman's Merit Award