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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with my guidebook, curated with love and wisdom.

18 pages full of everything you need to know about Yoni Egg - What is it, Choosing the right now for you, Preparing yourself for the Journey, and Your Sacred Ceremony.

Dive into the art of Yoni Egg practice, where each page is a gentle invitation to explore your inner sanctuary. Discover the magic of high-quality Yoni Eggs, carefully selected for their energetic properties.

This guide is your companion to creating a sacred space for self-care and empowerment, a journey woven with care, for women who want to embrace the transformative power of self-love, amplify their inner strength, and cultivate a deeper connection with their essence.

תמונות ועיצובים לרוחב לפליירים ושיווק שלי במדיה.png

With Love,


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