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Women's Retreat
September 16th - 17th, 2022

Explore & Experience

Lead by Idit & Faya

We are inviting an intimate group of special women to be a part of this revolutionary experience. Join us on a self-love journey centered around artistic expression, connection to nature, celebration of the female body, and sisterhood.


The retreat includes:

• Overnight stay at the magical Fairy Forest

• Nourishing Vegan Chef Meals

• Ecstatic Dance - Intuitive Movement

• Guided Writing Workshop

• Guided Meditation and Self-Love Practices

• Cacao Ceremony 

• Sacred photo ceremony (nudity is optional but totally encouraged) 

• Integration Practices

And more surprises!

The Facilitators

Idit Nissenbaum

Idit Nissenbaum is a multimedia artist, photographer and creator.

Co-founder of Inner Healer 4D, spiritual guide, self-love mentor. Facilitator of women's circles and sacred photography ceremonies, retreats, photography and art workshops. 

Using the gift of visual expression to support women entrepreneurs and business owners to promote themselves and grow.


Her mission is to guide and assist women in their self-development journey to a conscious and happy life, using expression, confidence and empowerment. So they can live to their highest potential, love themselves more and to express who they really are, in all dimensions.

Faya Lev

As a visual artist, content creator, model, and jewelry designer, Faya has always had a calling for photography. She loves taking and editing pictures. She loves the lens and she has always felt that it loves her back.


Through the art of photography, Faya has allowed herself to feel unapologetic self-love.

There is power in nudity, there is power in unity, there is power in sisterhood.


Faya offers a perspective on nudity that many fear because they don’t yet understand. Paving the path to full liberation, Faya is here to accept other women who feel restricted by the rules of modern society. She is here to help heal society from judgment. She is here to show society that full expression of the divine feminine needs to be celebrated and not be carried in shame.

Special Guest Workshop

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-27 at 3.31.46 PM.jpeg

Meet Naomi Ring


Naomi is Integrative holistic life coach & Movement Teacher.

Her tools include: Yoga Teachings, Ethnic Dance styles, Integrative Pelvic Health and Shamanic Dream Journey, Chakra Readings & Counseling, healing your Roots Rituals and Integration practices from Systemic & Family Constellations & Trauma Healing.

She teaches the art of deep listening in order to reconnect with our intuitive self, our  authenticity, and our wild being. Here we embrace each part & phase as we transition in life. She invites you to connect with your pleasure and feel the sweet nectar of life as you move & breath. 

Her Vision is to support YOU Journey Home, into the body, heart & soul.

Finding your inner rhythm and flow that enables you to connect with your essence.

The Location

Fairy Forest is an ecological site located in Kibutz Beit-Oren, 60 min drive from Tel-Aviv.

The Botanics and wild life at the forest is exceptional and the community is welcoming.

There is a stunning ecological pool in the forest where we can splash around and refresh ourselves during the day

Packing List

- Tent

- Blanket / sheets / sleeping bag & pillow

- Toiletries & towel

- Swimsuit

- Journal & Pen

- Any instruments you feel called to bring

- Sacred Items for the Altar (crystals, special jewelry, ect.)

- White, nude or black clothing and underwear for the photo ceremony. 

- Scarves, cloths & accessories are welcomed! 

(We will have some available for you as well)

Sleeping Arrangements

We will sleep in tents in the forest, there are toilets, showers, electrical charging stations and other facilities.

In case you don't have a tent or a mattress,

there are Private sleeping arrangements available for additional cost.

Only Mattress rental: 10₪


Regular tent rental:

A fully built & prepared tent with a mattress  - 130₪

Exclusive tent rental: 

A fully built & prepared large tent, with a mattress, on a Private Terrace - 200₪ for 1 person

Per couple - 250₪

(You may share the tent with another participant)

About The Chefs

Roni and Shay live in Kibbutz Dan in the Galilee.

They hold sourdough and fermentation workshops, offer bonfire meals, and have a natural vegan kitchen based on local and seasonal ingredients. 

Roni and Shay cook with traditional methods, gather, Ferment and love to create nourishing food full of love and intention.



Early bird - Until 26.8


Full Price 


Double ticket (bring a friend and get a discount)


The cost of the retreat includes accommodation, 4 meals and all activities + professional photos that will stay with you forever!

The content of this workshop will be suitable for English & Hebrew speakers

A payment plan is available for anyone who needs it, just talk to us :)

Magical Moments

Self Love through the lens.

Express Yourself ✦ Celebrate Yourself ✦ Liberate Yourself




I left the retreat feeling embodied within my body and soul. Connected to my being after all the amazing activities we had. I got out of my comfort zone feeling confident being naked in nature, And got to meet amazing sisters.


הגעתי לריטריט אחרי הרבה זמן של תחושה של צורך במעגל נשי משחרר,

שבו השיח לא שיפוטי, קשוב, וחופשי. הריטריט ענה על המשאלות שלי והנשים ריגשו אותי ברמה הכי עמוקה שיכולה להיות.

אני מודה על האפשרות לקחת חלק ושקיימים מעגלי נשים כל כך יפים בחיים האלה. אוהבת מאוד.


This retreat was so calming and freeing, just what I needed! It was my first time coming to an all women's event (also my first nude experience). Idit and Faya made me feel so comfortable with everything.. Every moment was full of love, light and beauty.


הריטריט היה ואוו האווירה הנשית הייתה מאוד נעימה ורכה. הגעתי עם ציפייה לסשן צילום ועידית פשוט עשתה עבודה מדהימה ועזרה לי להרגיש נעים מול המצלמה. פאיה ועידית מגיעות מתוך רכות ומתוך אהבה החוויה בריטריט היא שיש לכולן מקום להביא כל דבר שעולה בהן. יצרתן מרחב בטוח פשוט להיות בו יחד נשים וזו אווירה מיוחדת עדינה ורגישה.

It is important to clarify - this is not a therapeutic workshop. However, the space allows healing and a deep observational journey within ourselves. The facilitators are not therapists, each one has invested in her own healing journey and built herself a toolbox full of supportive practices and methods to share with others.

Cancellation Policy:

250₪ deposit is non-refundable.

Up to 14 business days - full refund (not including deposit)

7-14 business days before the deadline - 50% refund

7 business days before the meeting - no refund / can be postponed to the next retreat (can be postponed once, except in exceptional cases)

Ready to Join us?

Have a question?
Feel free to reach out!

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